Mark Chapman

Inventor of the trademarked Trapped Traders™ concept

Mark is the inventor of the trademarked Trapped Traders™ concept. Mark has been trading the G10 currency market since 2003.

Mark now teaches his methods and provides mentoring to a select number of traders exclusively at TradingHD.

Specializing in looking at the markets from a totally different perspective, Mark aims to understand the losing psychology of his opponents, which allows him and his students to take advantage of their predictable mistakes. This fresh approach to trading the financial markets is hugely advantageous to the trader, because losing human behaviour tends to repeat itself over time.

Mark also helps traders to reduce the impact of negative trading psychology through a series of innovative techniques such as Single Trading Event Syndrome (STES), a concept he developed as a result of years watching traders fail. He firmly believes that understanding negative leverage, probability and the way in which trading results distribute themselves over time helps to further lower the impact of loss and neuroplasticity, which goes to the heart of human decision making.

Mark believes his new approach to trading will provide anyone with the tools required to trade the markets effectively.

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