Louise Cooper

Financial columnist for The Times, former stockbroker for Goldman Sachs

Louise is a high profile financial and economic commentator who regularly appears on television and radio. She also writes for the UK’s national newspapers on business, economics and finance.

She started her career at Goldman Sachs as a stockbroker, before going from one extreme to the other and becoming a business journalist, primarily on air at the BBC World Service Radio. Whilst working as a market analyst at the interdealer broker BGC, her regular media appearances got her dubbed the “Downturn Diva” by the Daily Mail.

Since 2013 Louise has worked for herself, blogging, writing, broadcasting and presenting.

Described as “passionate, animated and knowledgeable” with the ability to read the dry figures and “get to the real story lurking beneath”, Louise has an in-depth financial knowledge and the great skill of making the complicated comprehensible. “Her appearances on [Sky] news are not only educational but entertaining.” Louise is “brutally honest” and always tells it as it is. “Her writing is witty, thoughtful, incisive and a joy to read.”

Louise brings her own experiences and personality to her work.

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