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Trading Webinar: Markets in Real Time

Ashwani Mathur

Ashwani Mathur Hedge Fund Broker & Trading Educator.

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to be hosting the Markets in Real Time webinar for TradingHD's budding traders and investors. I invite you all to join me on the 28th of October 7pm BST, for a webinar looking at multiple markets as they move.

During the webinar, I will be using some of the tools that I have described in my online course, which is available on TradingHD's cutting edge learning platform. In particular, we will go through the SPX Index, the NASDAQ and specific sectors within the US equity market that are worthy of attention at the current juncture. We will also cover some important points of interest related to commodity markets – crude oil, gold and silver.

No study of markets is complete in today's world unless you can see how global capital is flowing from one asset class to another. The process of Relative Strength, which is a cornerstone of my investing and trading philosophy, will be used to understand the current position of European equity markets and the world’s key emerging markets – China, Brazil and India. This analysis will cover multiple time frames to show you how your own investing or trading horizons can be accommodated within the big picture.

Finally, I will leave you with some very specific set-ups that you can then watch unfold in live market situations on your own. Hopefully some of the tools that will be used in displaying the views will help serve your own interests in the markets over time.

If you have an iota of interest in trading and investing, register early to secure your seat. I look forward to meeting you during our live webinar session.

Lex van Dam sharing his enthusiasm for the upcoming live webinar said: What I like most about Ashwani's concept is that it helps achieve consistent returns using price action signals and a disciplined approach. With the help of live examples, you will learn how to analyze and make money from trends, whatever the market conditions.

Having serviced some of the largest hedge funds in the world for two decades, I am here to teach aspiring traders and investors everything I wish I had been taught when I was starting out.

For more info, email us at Follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook page for more interaction. Register on our website and receive exclusive invitations to our webinars, seminars, and events, where you can also meet our experts in person. Happy Learning!

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